Buck: host_info()
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This is liable to change in the future.

The host_info() function is used to get processor and OS information about the host machine The host_info() function is used to get the current OS and processor architecture on the host. This will likely change as better cross compilation tooling comes to Buck.
struct( os=struct( is_linux=True|False, is_macos=True|False, is_windows=True|False, is_freebsd=True|False, is_unknown=True|False, ), arch=struct( is_aarch64=True|False, is_arm=True|False, is_armeb=True|False, is_i386=True|False, is_mips=True|False, is_mips64=True|False, is_mipsel=True|False, is_mipsel64=True|False, is_powerpc=True|False, is_ppc64=True|False, is_unknown=True|False, is_x86_64=True|False, ), )