Buck: Exit Codes
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Exit Codes

These exit codes are returned from a Buck command to the shell when the command exits.

These exit codes are Buck's binary protocol for interacting with other software such as shell scripts.

Note that in the case of some fatal errors—such as FATAL_OOM, FATAL_IO, or FATAL_DISK_FULL—Buck itself might not be able to reliably detect the source of the failure. If this occurs, Buck falls back to reporting FATAL_GENERIC.

0SUCCESSThe command returned successfully. No errors. No warnings.
1BUILD_ERRORBuild resulted in a non-specific user error.
2BUSYBuck daemon is busy processing another command. For more information, see Buck Daemon (buckd).
3COMMANDLINE_ERRORIncorrect user-supplied command-line options. For more information, see Common Parameters or the topic page for the specific command that you executed.
4NOTHING_TO_DONothing to build or evaluate for the specified command.
5PARSE_ERRORError in parsing the build file or in constructing the target or action graph.
6RUN_ERRORFailure while running a binary or installing a binary on a device. For more information, see buck run.
10FATAL_GENERICGeneric non-recoverable internal error.
11FATAL_BOOTSTRAPNon-recoverable error in Buck bootstrapper.
12FATAL_OOMNon-recoverable out-of-memory (OOM) error.
13FATAL_IOGeneric non-recoverable I/0 error.
14FATAL_DISK_FULLNo space on storage device.
32TEST_ERRORTest run had user-specific test errors. For more information, see buck test.
64TEST_NOTHINGThere were no tests to run. For more information, see buck test.
130SIGNAL_INTERRUPTCommand was interrupted (Ctrl + C)