Buck: buck-out
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Buck stores build artifacts in a directory named buck-out in the root of your project.

You should not make assumptions about where Buck places your build artifacts within the directory structure beneath buck-out as these locations depend on Buck's implementation and could potentially change over time. Instead, to obtain the location of the build artifact for a particular target, use the --show-output option with the buck build or the buck targets command.

buck targets --show-output <target>

buck build --show-output <target>

You can also obtain the locations of your build artifacts by specifying either the --build-report or--keep-going options with buck build.

Note that --show-output is going to be deprecated soon for buck build  and replaced with --show-outputs. --show-outputs may print more than one build artifact per build target.

buck build --build-report <target>

buck build --keep-going <target>

For more information about these options, see the topics for the buck build and buck targets commands.