Buck: buck install
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buck install

This command builds and installs an .apk or .app bundle on a emulator/simulator or device, and optionally launches it.

Common Parameters

All the parameters for buck build also apply to buck install.

  • --run (-r) Launch the .apk with the default activity (Android) or the .app bundle (iOS) after installation.
  • --emulator (-e) Use this option to use emulators/simulators only.
  • --device (-d) Use this option to use real devices only. This option works only with Android devices. It does not work with iOS devices.
  • --serial (--udid) Use device or emulator/simulator with specific serial or UDID number.


Builds and installs the APK for an android_binary or target.

Takes an android_binary, an apk_genrule or an android_instrumentation_apk, builds it, and installs it by running adb install <path_to_the_APK>.


  • --activity <fully qualified class name> (-a) Launch the .apk with the specified activity after installation.
  • -all (-x) Install APK on all connected devices and/or emulators (multi-install mode).
  • --adb-threads (-T) Number of threads to use for adb operations. Defaults to number of connected devices.


Builds and installs an .app for an apple_bundle target.

Takes an apple_bundle, builds it, and installs it by copying it to a simulator or device as appropriate.

For device support, you need to first build the fbsimctl utility from FBSimulatorControl and set [apple].device_helper_path to its location.


  • --simulator-name (-n) Use simulator with specific name (defaults to iPhone 8)