Interface BuildEngineAction

    • Method Detail

      • getBuildTarget

        BuildTarget getBuildTarget()
        the BuildTarget of the rule corresponding to this action
      • getDependencies<BuildTarget> getDependencies()
        a set of dependencies required for this BuildEngineAction to build, as identified by the BuildTarget.
      • getSourcePathOutputs<SourcePath> getSourcePathOutputs()
        the set of outputs this BuildEngineAction builds. This is here for legacy as BuildRules deal with SourcePath
      • isCacheable

        boolean isCacheable()
        Whether this BuildEngineAction can be cached.

        Uncached build rules are never written out to cache, never read from cache, and does not count in cache statistics. This rule is useful for artifacts which cannot be easily normalized.

      • shouldRespectInputSizeLimitForRemoteExecution

        default boolean shouldRespectInputSizeLimitForRemoteExecution()
        true if this rule should only be allowed to be executed via Remote Execution if it satisfies input size limits.