Class PackageStringAssets

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BuildEngineAction, AllowsNonAnnotatedFields, BuildRule, HasNameAndType, Comparable<BuildRule>

    public class PackageStringAssets
    extends AbstractBuildRule
    Buildable responsible for compiling non-english string resources to .fbstr files stored as assets. Only applicable for android_binary rules with resource_compression parameter set to #ENABLED_WITH_STRINGS_AS_ASSETS.

    Produces an containing .fbstr files for all locales the app has strings for, and a file that contains the .fbstr files filtered by the set of locales provided. The contents of is built into the assets of the APK. is used for debugging purposes.

    • Method Detail

      • getBuildDeps

        public SortedSet<BuildRule> getBuildDeps()
        the set of rules that must be built before this rule. Normally, this matches the value of the deps argument for this build rule in the build file in which it was defined.

        However, there are special cases where other arguments pull in implicit dependencies (e.g., the keystore argument in android_binary). In these cases, the implicit dependencies are also included in the set returned by this method. The value of the original deps argument, as defined in the build file, must be accessed via a custom getter provided by the build rule.

      • getSourcePathToOutput

        public SourcePath getSourcePathToOutput()
      • getSourcePathToStringAssetsZip

        public SourcePath getSourcePathToStringAssetsZip()