Interface JavaLibrary

    • Field Detail


        static final Flavor GWT_MODULE_FLAVOR
        This Buildable is expected to support the GWT flavor, which is a BuildRule whose output file is a JAR containing the files necessary to use this JavaLibrary as a GWT module. Normally, this includes Java source code, a .gwt.xml file, and static resources, such as stylesheets and image files.

        In the event that this JavaLibrary cannot be represented as a GWT module (for example, if it has no srcs or resources of its own, but only exists to export deps), then the flavor will be Optional.empty().

        Note that the output of the BuildRule for this flavor may contain .class files. For example, if a third-party releases its .class and .java files in the same JAR, it is common for a prebuilt_jar() to declare that file as both its binary_jar and its source_jar. In that case, the output of the BuildRule will be the original JAR file, which is why it would contain .class files.

      • SRC_JAR

        static final Flavor SRC_JAR
        It's possible to ask a JavaLibrary to collect its own sources and build a source jar.
      • MAVEN_JAR

        static final Flavor MAVEN_JAR
        For maven publishing only dependencies containing maven coordinates will be listed as dependencies. Others will be packaged-in, and their first-order dependencies considered in the same manner
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      • getJavaSrcs<SourcePath> getJavaSrcs()
      • getResources<SourcePath> getResources()
      • getGeneratedAnnotationSourcePath

        Optional<SourcePath> getGeneratedAnnotationSourcePath()
      • hasAnnotationProcessing

        boolean hasAnnotationProcessing()
      • neverMarkAsUnusedDependency

        boolean neverMarkAsUnusedDependency()