Class PythonSymlinkTree

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      • PythonSymlinkTree

        public PythonSymlinkTree​(String category,
                                 BuildTarget target,
                                 ProjectFilesystem filesystem,
                                 Path root,
                       <Path,​SourcePath> links,
                       <SourcePath> directoriesToMerge,
                                 SourcePathRuleFinder ruleFinder)
        Creates an instance of SymlinkTree
        category - A name used in the symlink steps
        target - The target for this rule
        filesystem - The filesystem that the tree lives on
        root - The directory to create symlinks in
        links - A map of path within the link tree to the target of the symlikm
        directoriesToMerge - A map of relative paths within the link tree into which files from the value will be recursively linked. e.g. if a file at /tmp/foo/bar should be linked as /tmp/symlink-root/subdir/bar, the map should contain {Paths.get("subdir"), SourcePath(Paths.get("tmp", "foo")) }
        ruleFinder - Used to iterate over directoriesToMerge in order get the build time