Class CxxPrecompiledHeaderTemplate

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      • getPrecompiledHeader

        public com.facebook.buck.cxx.CxxPrecompiledHeader getPrecompiledHeader​(boolean canPrecompile,
                                                                               com.facebook.buck.cxx.PreprocessorDelegate preprocessorDelegateForCxxRule,
                                                                               DependencyAggregation aggregatedPreprocessDepsRule,
                                                                               CxxToolFlags computedCompilerFlags,
                                                                               java.util.function.Function<CxxToolFlags,​String> getHash,
                                                                               java.util.function.Function<CxxToolFlags,​String> getBaseHash,
                                                                               CxxPlatform cxxPlatform,
                                                                               CxxSource.Type sourceType,
                                                                     <String> sourceFlags,
                                                                               ActionGraphBuilder graphBuilder,
                                                                               SourcePathResolverAdapter pathResolver)
        Build a PCH rule, given a cxx_precompiled_header rule.

        We'll "instantiate" this PCH from this template, using the parameters (src, dependencies) from the template itself, plus the build flags that are used in the current build rule (so that this instantiated version uses compatible build flags and thus the PCH is guaranteed usable with this rule).

        Specified by:
        getPrecompiledHeader in class PreInclude
      • getRequiredPackageables

        public Iterable<AndroidPackageable> getRequiredPackageables​(BuildRuleResolver ruleResolver)
        Description copied from interface: AndroidPackageable
        Get the set of packagables that need to be included in any package that includes this object.

        For example, an android_library will need all of its Java deps (except provided_deps), its resource deps, and its native library deps (even though it doesn't need the native library as a build-time dependency). An android_resource might need an android_library that declares a custom view that it references, as well as other android_resource rules that it references directly.

        TODO(natthu): Once build rules and buildables are merged, replace this method with another interface that lets an AndroidPackageable override the default set which is all deps of the type AndroidPackageable.

        Specified by:
        getRequiredPackageables in interface AndroidPackageable
        All AndroidPackageables that must be included along with this one.
      • addToCollector

        public void addToCollector​(AndroidPackageableCollector collector)
        Description copied from interface: AndroidPackageable
        Add concrete resources to the given collector.

        Implementations should call methods on the collector specify what concrete content must be included in an Android package that includes this object. For example, an android_library will add Java classes, an ndk_library will add native libraries, and android_resource will add resource directories.

        Specified by:
        addToCollector in interface AndroidPackageable
        collector - The AndroidPackageableCollector that will receive the content.