Interface CxxPlatform

    • Method Detail

      • getAsflags<Arg> getAsflags()
      • getAsppflags<Arg> getAsppflags()
      • getCflags<Arg> getCflags()
      • getCxxflags<Arg> getCxxflags()
      • getCppflags<Arg> getCppflags()
      • getCxxppflags<Arg> getCxxppflags()
      • getCudappflags<Arg> getCudappflags()
      • getCudaflags<Arg> getCudaflags()
      • getHipppflags<Arg> getHipppflags()
      • getHipflags<Arg> getHipflags()
      • getAsmppflags<Arg> getAsmppflags()
      • getAsmflags<Arg> getAsmflags()
      • getLdflags<Arg> getLdflags()
      • getStrip

        Tool getStrip()
      • getStripFlags<Arg> getStripFlags()
      • getArflags<Arg> getArflags()
      • getRanlibflags<Arg> getRanlibflags()
      • getSharedLibraryExtension

        String getSharedLibraryExtension()
      • getSharedLibraryVersionedExtensionFormat

        String getSharedLibraryVersionedExtensionFormat()
      • getStaticLibraryExtension

        String getStaticLibraryExtension()
      • getObjectFileExtension

        String getObjectFileExtension()
      • getFlagMacros<String,​String> getFlagMacros()
        a map for macro names to their respective expansions, to be used to expand macro references in user-provided flags.
      • getSharedLibraryInterfaceParams

        Optional<SharedLibraryInterfaceParams> getSharedLibraryInterfaceParams()
        params used to determine which shared library interfaces to generate, which are used for linking in liu of the original shared library.
      • getPublicHeadersSymlinksEnabled

        boolean getPublicHeadersSymlinksEnabled()
        When building or creating a project, create symlinks for the public headers if it's true. It would allow public headers to include an other public header with #include "foobar.h"\ even if it's not in the same folder.
      • getPrivateHeadersSymlinksEnabled

        boolean getPrivateHeadersSymlinksEnabled()
        When building or creating a project, create symlinks for the public headers if it's true.
      • getPicTypeForSharedLinking

        default PicType getPicTypeForSharedLinking()
        nix platforms use PIC object files for shared libraries, while windows doesn't.
      • getConflictingHeaderBasenameWhitelist

        default<String> getConflictingHeaderBasenameWhitelist()
        whitelist of basenames to exclude from conflicting header checks.
      • getHeaderMode

        Optional<HeaderMode> getHeaderMode()
        the explicit header mode to use for this platform.
      • getFilepathLengthLimited

        default boolean getFilepathLengthLimited()
        whether shorter names for intermediate files should be used
      • withAsflags

        default CxxPlatform withAsflags​(<Arg> asFlags)
      • withCppflags

        default CxxPlatform withCppflags​(<Arg> cppFlags)
      • withCflags

        default CxxPlatform withCflags​(<Arg> cFlags)
      • withConflictingHeaderBasenameWhitelist

        default CxxPlatform withConflictingHeaderBasenameWhitelist​(<String> conflictingHeaderBasenameWhitelist)
      • withCxxppflags

        default CxxPlatform withCxxppflags​(<Arg> cxxppflags)
      • withCxxflags

        default CxxPlatform withCxxflags​(<Arg> cxxFlags)
      • withFlagMacros

        default CxxPlatform withFlagMacros​(<String,​String> flagMacros)