Interface Arg

    • Method Detail

      • appendToCommandLine

        void appendToCommandLine​(java.util.function.Consumer<String> consumer,
                                 SourcePathResolverAdapter pathResolver)
        Feed the contents of the Arg to the supplied consumer. This call may feed any number of elements (including zero) into the consumer. This is only ever safe to call when the rule is running, as it may do things like resolving source paths.
      • singleCommandLineArg

        default String singleCommandLineArg​(SourcePathResolverAdapter pathResolverAdapter)
        Resolve this argument to single string, fail if this arg corresponds to none or more than one argument.
      • toString

        String toString()
        toString in class Object
        a String representation suitable to use for debugging.
      • stringify

        static String stringify​(Arg arg,
                                SourcePathResolverAdapter pathResolver)
        Converts an Arg to a String by concatting all the command-line appended strings.
      • stringify

        static <K><K,​String> stringify​(<K,​? extends Arg> argMap,
                                                                                    SourcePathResolverAdapter pathResolver)