Interface Action

    • Method Detail

      • getOwner

        BuildTarget getOwner()
        the build target of the rule analysis that created of this action
      • getInputs<Artifact> getInputs()
        the set of inputs required to complete this action
      • getOutputs<OutputArtifact> getOutputs()
        the set of outputs this action generates
      • getShortName

        String getShortName()
        a name for this action to be printed to console when executing and for logging purposes
      • getID

        String getID()
        the short name of this action as an ID
      • outputFileCanBeCopied

        default boolean outputFileCanBeCopied()
        true if the output of this build rule is compatible with buck build --out. To be compatible, that means (1) getOutputs() ()} cannot be empty, and (2) the output file works as intended when copied to an arbitrary path (i.e., does not have any dependencies on relative symlinks).
      • isCacheable

        boolean isCacheable()
        TODO(bobyf): should we still have this or should we enforce everything to be cacheable
        Specified by:
        isCacheable in interface BuildEngineAction
        whether the output Artifacts should be cached
      • shouldRespectInputSizeLimitForRemoteExecution

        default boolean shouldRespectInputSizeLimitForRemoteExecution()
        Specified by:
        shouldRespectInputSizeLimitForRemoteExecution in interface BuildEngineAction
        true if this rule should only be allowed to be executed via Remote Execution if it satisfies input size limits.