Class ActionExecutionContext

    • Constructor Detail

      • ActionExecutionContext

        public ActionExecutionContext()
    • Method Detail

      • getBuckEventBus

        protected abstract BuckEventBus getBuckEventBus()
      • getArtifactFilesystem

        public abstract ArtifactFilesystem getArtifactFilesystem()
        an ArtifactFilesystem the Action can access for it's execution. This is a filesystem that operates on Artifacts without requiring actions to be aware of the actual underlying paths.
      • postEvent

        public void postEvent​(BuckEvent event)
        posts the given event to the global event bus
      • getProcessExecutor

        public abstract ProcessExecutor getProcessExecutor()
        The executor to run processes in
      • getEnvironment

        public abstract Map<String,​String> getEnvironment()
        The environment of the current context
      • getWorkingDirectory

        public abstract Path getWorkingDirectory()
        The working directory for the current context