Interface BuckEvent

    • Method Detail

      • configure

        void configure​(long timestamp,
                       long nanoTime,
                       long threadUserNanoTime,
                       long threadId,
                       BuildId buildId)
      • isConfigured

        boolean isConfigured()
      • getNanoTime

        long getNanoTime()
      • getThreadUserNanoTime

        long getThreadUserNanoTime()
      • toLogMessage

        String toLogMessage()
      • getThreadId

        long getThreadId()
      • getBuildId

        BuildId getBuildId()
        an identifier that distinguishes the build with which this event is associated.
      • isRelatedTo

        boolean isRelatedTo​(BuckEvent event)
        Whether or not this event is related to another event. Events are related if they pertain to the same event, for example if they are measuring the start and stop of some phase. For example,
            (CommandEvent.started("build")).isRelatedTo(CommandEvent.finished("build")) == true
            (CommandEvent.started("build")).isRelatedTo(CommandEvent.started("build")) == true
            (CommandEvent.started("build")).isRelatedTo(CommandEvent.finished("install")) == false
      • getEventKey

        EventKey getEventKey()
        key used to determine whether this event is related to another event.