Interface BuildRuleArg

    • Method Detail

      • getLicenses<SourcePath> getLicenses()
      • getLabels

        @NaturalOrder<String> getLabels()
      • getDefaultTargetPlatform

        Optional<UnconfiguredBuildTarget> getDefaultTargetPlatform()
        The name of build target default "new" platform: it is used when a platform is not specified either globally or in a target which used this target as a dependency.

        The value is a build target, but we specify it as string, because this function is not actually called, but the attr is fetched by name from the raw (unconfigured) target node.

      • getCompatibleWith<UnconfiguredBuildTarget> getCompatibleWith()
        A list of config_setting a target is compatible with.
      • labelsContainsAnyOf

        default boolean labelsContainsAnyOf​(Set<String> labels)