Interface CxxConstructorArg

    • Method Detail

      • getSrcs

        @NaturalOrder<SourceWithFlags> getSrcs()
      • checkDuplicateSources

        default void checkDuplicateSources​(SourcePathResolverAdapter sourcePathResolverAdapter)
        Checks that there are no files that appear both in srcs and platform_srcs
      • getRawHeaders

        default<SourcePath> getRawHeaders()
        Raw headers are headers which are used as they are (via compilation flags). Buck doesn't copy them or create symlinks for them. They are public (since managed by compilation flags).
        a list of raw headers
      • getIncludeDirectories

        default<String> getIncludeDirectories()
        A list of include directories to be added to the compile command for compiling this cxx target.
        a list of private include paths for this cxx target.
      • checkHeadersUsage

        default void checkHeadersUsage()
      • getCompilerFlags<StringWithMacros> getCompilerFlags()
      • getLangCompilerFlags<CxxSource.Type,​<StringWithMacros>> getLangCompilerFlags()
      • getPreprocessorFlags<StringWithMacros> getPreprocessorFlags()
      • getLangPreprocessorFlags<CxxSource.Type,​<StringWithMacros>> getLangPreprocessorFlags()
      • getLinkerFlags<StringWithMacros> getLinkerFlags()
      • getPostLinkerFlags<StringWithMacros> getPostLinkerFlags()
      • getLinkerExtraOutputs<String> getLinkerExtraOutputs()
      • getDefaults<String,​Flavor> getDefaults()
      • getDefaultFlavors

        default<Flavor> getDefaultFlavors()
        Specified by:
        getDefaultFlavors in interface HasDefaultFlavors
        If present, the default flavors with which to build this target if none are provided on the command line.
      • getCxxDeps

        default CxxDeps getCxxDeps()
        the C/C++ deps this rule builds against.
      • getPrivateCxxDeps

        default CxxDeps getPrivateCxxDeps()
        C/C++ deps which are *not* propagated to dependents.