Interface AbstractGenruleDescription.CommonArg

    • Method Detail

      • getSrcs

        default SourceSet getSrcs()
      • getEnvironmentExpansionSeparator

        Optional<String> getEnvironmentExpansionSeparator()
      • getRemote

        Optional<Boolean> getRemote()
        If present and true, requests that Buck run this genrule remotely if possible. Defaults to false for now.
      • getCacheable

        Optional<Boolean> getCacheable()
        This functionality only exists to get around the lack of extensibility in our current build rule / build file apis. It may go away at some point. Also, make sure that you understand what BuildRule.isCacheable() does with respect to caching if you decide to use this attribute
      • isNeedAndroidTools

        default boolean isNeedAndroidTools()
        This argument allows genrule to specify if it needs android tools (like dex, aapt, ndk, sdk).