Interface KotlinLibraryDescription.CoreArg

    • Method Detail

      • getFreeCompilerArgs<String> getFreeCompilerArgs()
        A list of additional compiler arguments.
      • getAllWarningsAsErrors

        default boolean getAllWarningsAsErrors()
        Report an error if there are any warnings.
      • getSuppressWarnings

        default boolean getSuppressWarnings()
        Generate no warnings.
      • getVerbose

        default boolean getVerbose()
        Enable verbose logging output.
      • getIncludeRuntime

        default boolean getIncludeRuntime()
        Include Kotlin runtime in to resulting .jar
      • getJvmTarget

        default String getJvmTarget()
        Target version of the generated JVM bytecode (1.6 or 1.8), default is 1.6 Possible values: "1.6", "1.8"
      • getJdkHome

        Optional<String> getJdkHome()
        Path to JDK home directory to include into classpath, if differs from default JAVA_HOME
      • getNoJdk

        default boolean getNoJdk()
        Don't include Java runtime into classpath.
      • getNoStdlib

        default boolean getNoStdlib()
        Don't include kotlin-stdlib.jar or kotlin-reflect.jar into classpath.
      • getNoReflect

        default boolean getNoReflect()
        Don't include kotlin-reflect.jar into classpath.
      • getJavaParameters

        default boolean getJavaParameters()
        Generate metadata for Java 1.8 reflection on method parameters.
      • getApiVersion

        Optional<String> getApiVersion()
        Allow to use declarations only from the specified version of bundled libraries. Possible values: "1.0", "1.1", "1.2", "1.3", "1.4".
      • getLanguageVersion

        Optional<String> getLanguageVersion()
        Provide source compatibility with specified language version. Possible values: "1.0", "1.1", "1.2", "1.3", "1.4".
      • getFriendPaths

        @NaturalOrder<BuildTarget> getFriendPaths()
      • getKaptApOptions<String,​String> getKaptApOptions()
      • getKotlincPlugins<SourcePath> getKotlincPlugins()