Class UnconfiguredBuildTarget

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DependencyStack.Element, DependencyStack.ProvidesElement, QueryTarget, Comparable<UnconfiguredBuildTarget>

    public class UnconfiguredBuildTarget
    extends Object
    implements Comparable<UnconfiguredBuildTarget>, QueryTarget, DependencyStack.Element
    Data object that holds properties to uniquely identify a build target with flavors

    In other words, this represents a parsed representation of a build target with flavors but without configuration.

    For example, a fully qualified target name like `cell//path/to:target#flavor1,flavor2` parses `cell` as a cell name, `//path/to` as a base name that corresponds to the real path to the build file that contains a target, `target` is a target name found in that build file and `flavor1` and 'flavor2' as flavors as applied to this build target.

    Flavors are a legacy way to configure a build target so it can mutate its behavior based on user-provided input or client settings, like target or running platforms. Flavors should not be used anymore, instead you want to use a BuildTarget along with passed TargetConfiguration.