Class CanonicalCellName

    • Constructor Detail

      • CanonicalCellName

        public CanonicalCellName()
    • Method Detail

      • unsafeNotACell

        public static CanonicalCellName unsafeNotACell()
        This cell object is used when there's no cell, but CanonicalCellName object is needed. This cell name is never resolved successfully to a cell.
      • unsafeRootCell

        public static CanonicalCellName unsafeRootCell()
        This should be used to mark places that are hardcoding the root cell's canonical name in a way that doesn't ensure that it's correct.
      • getLegacyName

        public abstract Optional<String> getLegacyName()
        Returns the underlying name in the legacy Optional<String> format.
      • getName

        public String getName()
        Returns the name in a human-readable form.
      • unsafeOf

        public static CanonicalCellName unsafeOf​(Optional<String> name)
        Used for creating CanonicalCellName in places where we aren't guaranteed to be handling canonicalization correctly. This is only used to mark those places so that they are easier to find, the behavior is unchanged.