Interface Cell

  • public interface Cell
    Represents a single checkout of a code base. Two cells model the same code base if their underlying ProjectFilesystems are equal.

    Should only be constructed by CellProvider.

    • Method Detail

      • getKnownRootsOfAllCells<AbsPath> getKnownRootsOfAllCells()
      • getFilesystemViewForSourceFiles

        ProjectFilesystemView getFilesystemViewForSourceFiles()
        ProjectFilesystemView that filters out ignores specified for this cell, like blacklisted paths and buck-out, to iterate over files which are potential direct sources, build files, etc.
      • getCellIgnoringVisibilityCheck

        Cell getCellIgnoringVisibilityCheck​(Path cellPath)
      • getCell

        Cell getCell​(Path cellPath)
      • getAllCells<Cell> getAllCells()
        Returns a list of all cells, including this cell. If this cell is the root, getAllCells will necessarily return all possible cells that this build may interact with, since the root cell is required to declare a mapping for all cell names.
      • getLoadedCells<AbsPath,​Cell> getLoadedCells()
        all loaded Cells that are children of this Cell.
      • getCellNameResolver

        CellNameResolver getCellNameResolver()
        Return the CellNameResolver for this cell. This can be used to resolve user-provided cell aliases to their canonical names.