Class CellProvider

  • public final class CellProvider
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • CellProvider

        public CellProvider​(NewCellPathResolver newCellPathResolver,
                            java.util.function.Function<CellProvider,​<AbsPath,​Cell>> cellCacheLoader,
                            java.util.function.Function<CellProvider,​Cell> rootCellLoader)
        Create a cell provider with a specific cell loader, and optionally a special factory function for the root cell.

        The indirection for passing in CellProvider allows cells to reference the current CellProvider object.

    • Method Detail

      • getCellByPath

        public Cell getCellByPath​(Path path)
      • getCellByPath

        public Cell getCellByPath​(AbsPath path)
      • getCellByCanonicalCellName

        public Cell getCellByCanonicalCellName​(CanonicalCellName canonicalCellName)
        Get cell object by canonicall cell name
      • getRootCell

        public Cells getRootCell()
      • getLoadedCells

        public<AbsPath,​Cell> getLoadedCells()