Class PrebuiltCxxLibraryGroupDescriptionArg

    • Method Detail

      • getExportedPreprocessorFlags

        public<String> getExportedPreprocessorFlags()
        The value of the exportedPreprocessorFlags attribute
      • getIncludeDirs

        public<SourcePath> getIncludeDirs()
        The value of the includeDirs attribute
      • getStaticLink

        public<String> getStaticLink()
        The link arguments to use when linking using the static link style.
      • getStaticLibs

        public<SourcePath> getStaticLibs()
        Libraries references in the static link args above.
      • getStaticPicLink

        public<String> getStaticPicLink()
        The link arguments to use when linking using the static-pic link style.
      • getStaticPicLibs

        public<SourcePath> getStaticPicLibs()
        Libraries references in the static-pic link args above.
      • getSharedLink

        public<String> getSharedLink()
        The link arguments to use when linking using the shared link style.
      • getSharedLibs

        public<String,​SourcePath> getSharedLibs()
        Libraries references in the shared link args above.
      • getImportLibs

        public<String,​SourcePath> getImportLibs()
        Import libraries references in the shared link args above.
      • getProvidedSharedLibs

        public<String,​SourcePath> getProvidedSharedLibs()
        The value of the providedSharedLibs attribute
      • getExportedDeps

        public<BuildTarget> getExportedDeps()
        The value of the exportedDeps attribute
      • getExportedPlatformDeps

        public PatternMatchedCollection<<BuildTarget>> getExportedPlatformDeps()
        The value of the exportedPlatformDeps attribute
      • getSupportedPlatformsRegex

        public Optional<Pattern> getSupportedPlatformsRegex()
        The value of the supportedPlatformsRegex attribute
      • getLicenses

        public<SourcePath> getLicenses()
        Specified by:
        getLicenses in interface BuildRuleArg
        The value of the licenses attribute
      • getLabels

        public<String> getLabels()
        Specified by:
        getLabels in interface BuildRuleArg
        The value of the labels attribute
      • getDefaultTargetPlatform

        public Optional<UnconfiguredBuildTarget> getDefaultTargetPlatform()
        The name of build target default "new" platform: it is used when a platform is not specified either globally or in a target which used this target as a dependency.

        The value is a build target, but we specify it as string, because this function is not actually called, but the attr is fetched by name from the raw (unconfigured) target node.

        Specified by:
        getDefaultTargetPlatform in interface BuildRuleArg
      • getDeps

        public<BuildTarget> getDeps()
        Specified by:
        getDeps in interface HasDeclaredDeps
        The value of the deps attribute
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(@Nullable
                              Object another)
        This instance is equal to all instances of PrebuiltCxxLibraryGroupDescriptionArg that have equal attribute values.
        equals in class Object
        true if this is equal to another instance
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        Computes a hash code from attributes: exportedPreprocessorFlags, includeDirs, staticLink, staticLibs, staticPicLink, staticPicLibs, sharedLink, sharedLibs, importLibs, providedSharedLibs, exportedDeps, exportedPlatformDeps, supportedPlatformsRegex, licenses, labels, defaultTargetPlatform, compatibleWith, name, deps.
        hashCode in class Object
        hashCode value
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Prints the immutable value PrebuiltCxxLibraryGroupDescriptionArg with attribute values.
        toString in class Object
        A string representation of the value