Class AppleToolchainDescriptionArg

    • Method Detail

      • getSdkName

        public String getSdkName()
        Name of SDK which should be used.
      • getArchitecture

        public String getArchitecture()
        Target architecture.
      • getPlatformPath

        public SourcePath getPlatformPath()
        Path to Apple platform
      • getSdkPath

        public SourcePath getSdkPath()
        Path to Apple SDK.
      • getVersion

        public String getVersion()
        Version of SDK.
      • getBuildVersion

        public Optional<String> getBuildVersion()
        Build version. Can be found in ProductBuildVersion in platform version.plist
      • getMinVersion

        public String getMinVersion()
        Target SDK version.
      • getActool

        public SourcePath getActool()
        actool binary.
      • getDsymutil

        public SourcePath getDsymutil()
        dsymutil binary.
      • getIbtool

        public SourcePath getIbtool()
        ibtool binary.
      • getLibtool

        public SourcePath getLibtool()
        libtool binary.
      • getLipo

        public SourcePath getLipo()
        lipo binary.
      • getLldb

        public SourcePath getLldb()
        lldb binary.
      • getMomc

        public SourcePath getMomc()
        momc binary.
      • getXctest

        public SourcePath getXctest()
        xctest binary.
      • getCopySceneKitAssets

        public Optional<SourcePath> getCopySceneKitAssets()
        copySceneKitAssets binary.
      • getCodesign

        public SourcePath getCodesign()
        codesign binary.
      • getCodesignAllocate

        public SourcePath getCodesignAllocate()
        codesign_allocate binary.
      • getCxxToolchain

        public BuildTarget getCxxToolchain()
        Target for the cxx toolchain which should be used for this SDK.
      • getSwiftToolchain

        public Optional<BuildTarget> getSwiftToolchain()
        Target for the swift toolchain which should be used for this SDK.
      • getDeveloperPath

        public Optional<SourcePath> getDeveloperPath()
        Developer directory of the toolchain
      • getXcodeVersion

        public String getXcodeVersion()
        XCode version which can be found in DTXcode in XCode plist
      • getXcodeBuildVersion

        public String getXcodeBuildVersion()
        XCode build version from from 'xcodebuild -version'
      • getWorkAroundDsymutilLtoStackOverflowBug

        public Optional<Boolean> getWorkAroundDsymutilLtoStackOverflowBug()
        If work around for dsymutil should be used.
      • getLicenses

        public<SourcePath> getLicenses()
        Specified by:
        getLicenses in interface BuildRuleArg
        The value of the licenses attribute
      • getLabels

        public<String> getLabels()
        Specified by:
        getLabels in interface BuildRuleArg
        The value of the labels attribute
      • getDefaultTargetPlatform

        public Optional<UnconfiguredBuildTarget> getDefaultTargetPlatform()
        The name of build target default "new" platform: it is used when a platform is not specified either globally or in a target which used this target as a dependency.

        The value is a build target, but we specify it as string, because this function is not actually called, but the attr is fetched by name from the raw (unconfigured) target node.

        Specified by:
        getDefaultTargetPlatform in interface BuildRuleArg
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(@Nullable
                              Object another)
        This instance is equal to all instances of AppleToolchainDescriptionArg that have equal attribute values.
        equals in class Object
        true if this is equal to another instance
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        Computes a hash code from attributes: sdkName, architecture, platformPath, sdkPath, version, buildVersion, minVersion, actool, dsymutil, ibtool, libtool, lipo, lldb, momc, xctest, copySceneKitAssets, codesign, codesignAllocate, cxxToolchain, swiftToolchain, developerPath, xcodeVersion, xcodeBuildVersion, workAroundDsymutilLtoStackOverflowBug, licenses, labels, defaultTargetPlatform, compatibleWith, name.
        hashCode in class Object
        hashCode value
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Prints the immutable value AppleToolchainDescriptionArg with attribute values.
        toString in class Object
        A string representation of the value