Interface AndroidPackageableCollection

  • @Enclosing
    public interface AndroidPackageableCollection
    A collection of Android content that should be included in an Android package (apk or aar).
    • Method Detail

      • getNativeLinkables<APKModule,​NativeLinkableGroup> getNativeLinkables()
        Native libraries mapped from modules.
      • getNativeLinkablesAssets<APKModule,​NativeLinkableGroup> getNativeLinkablesAssets()
        Native libraries to be packaged as assets.
      • getNativeLibsDirectories<APKModule,​SourcePath> getNativeLibsDirectories()
        Directories containing native libraries.
      • getNativeLibAssetsDirectories<APKModule,​SourcePath> getNativeLibAssetsDirectories()
        Directories containing native libraries to be used as assets.
      • getNativeLibsDirectoriesForSystemLoader<SourcePath> getNativeLibsDirectoriesForSystemLoader()
        Directories containing native libraries which must be loadable by the system loader. Since these cannot be in a separate module, we use a list instead of a map
      • getAssetsDirectories<APKModule,​SourcePath> getAssetsDirectories()
        Directories containing assets to be included directly in the apk, under the "assets" directory.
      • getProguardConfigs<SourcePath> getProguardConfigs()
        Proguard configurations to include when running release builds.
      • getClasspathEntriesToDex<SourcePath> getClasspathEntriesToDex()
        Java classes (jars) to include in the package.
      • getAndroidManifestPieces<APKModule,​SourcePath> getAndroidManifestPieces()
        Android manifests to merge with the manifest skeleton.
      • getModuleMappedClasspathEntriesToDex<APKModule,​SourcePath> getModuleMappedClasspathEntriesToDex()
        Java classes to include in the package sorted into modules
      • getNoDxClasspathEntries<SourcePath> getNoDxClasspathEntries()
        Java classes that were used during compilation, but don't got into the package. This is only used by "buck project". (It's existence is kind of contrary to the purpose of this class, but we make exceptions for "buck project".)
      • getPathsToThirdPartyJars<APKModule,​SourcePath> getPathsToThirdPartyJars()
        Prebuilt/third-party jars to be included in the package. For apks, their resources will be placed directly in the apk.
      • getJavaLibrariesToDex

        Set<BuildTarget> getJavaLibrariesToDex()
        JavaLibrary rules whose output will be dexed and included in the package.