Class AndroidPackageableCollection.ResourceDetails

    • Constructor Detail

      • ResourceDetails

        public ResourceDetails()
    • Method Detail

      • getResourceDirectories

        public abstract<SourcePath> getResourceDirectories()
        A list of "res" directories that should be passed to the aapt command to build the APK, sorted topologically.
      • getWhitelistedStringDirectories

        public abstract<SourcePath> getWhitelistedStringDirectories()
        A set of "res" directories that contain "whitelisted" strings, i.e. the strings-as-assets resource filter does not affect these directories.
      • getResourcesWithNonEmptyResDir

        public abstract<BuildTarget> getResourcesWithNonEmptyResDir()
        A list of build targets belonging to AndroidResources with non-empty "res" directory, sorted topologically. Note that these are BuildTargets to avoid introducing a circular dependency.
      • hasResources

        public boolean hasResources()