Class ZipStep

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    public class ZipStep
    extends Object
    implements Step
    A Step that creates a ZIP archive..
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      • ZipStep

        public ZipStep​(ProjectFilesystem filesystem,
                       Path pathToZipFile,
                       Set<Path> paths,
                       boolean junkPaths,
                       ZipCompressionLevel compressionLevel,
                       Path baseDir)
        Create a ZipStep to create or update a zip archive.

        Note that paths added to the archive are always relative to the working directory.
        For example, if you're in /dir and you add file.txt, you get an archive containing just the file. If you were in / and added dir/file.txt, you would get an archive containing the file within a directory.

        filesystem - project filesystem based in current working directory.
        pathToZipFile - path to archive to create, relative to project root.
        paths - a set of files to work on. The entire working directory is assumed if this set is empty.
        junkPaths - if true, the relative paths of added archive entries are discarded, i.e. they are all placed in the root of the archive.
        compressionLevel - between 0 (store) and 9.
        baseDir - working directory for zip command.