Class ExecutionContext

    • Constructor Detail

      • ExecutionContext

        public ExecutionContext()
    • Method Detail

      • getConsole

        public abstract Console getConsole()
      • getBuckEventBus

        public abstract BuckEventBus getBuckEventBus()
      • getPlatform

        public abstract Platform getPlatform()
      • getEnvironment

        public abstract<String,​String> getEnvironment()
      • getExecutors

        public abstract<ExecutorPool,​> getExecutors()
      • getPersistentWorkerPools

        public abstract Optional<ConcurrentMap<String,​WorkerProcessPool>> getPersistentWorkerPools()
        Worker process pools that are persisted across buck invocations inside buck daemon. If buck is running without daemon, there will be no persisted pools.
      • getCells

        public abstract Cells getCells()
      • getProcessExecutor

        public abstract ProcessExecutor getProcessExecutor()
      • getDefaultTestTimeoutMillis

        public long getDefaultTestTimeoutMillis()
      • isCodeCoverageEnabled

        public boolean isCodeCoverageEnabled()
      • isInclNoLocationClassesEnabled

        public boolean isInclNoLocationClassesEnabled()
      • shouldReportAbsolutePaths

        public boolean shouldReportAbsolutePaths()
      • isDebugEnabled

        public boolean isDebugEnabled()
      • isTruncateFailingCommandEnabled

        public boolean isTruncateFailingCommandEnabled()
      • getWorkerProcessPools

        public ConcurrentMap<String,​WorkerProcessPool> getWorkerProcessPools()
        Worker process pools that you can populate as needed. These will be destroyed as soon as buck invocation finishes, thus, these pools are not persisted across buck invocations.
      • getVerbosity

        public Verbosity getVerbosity()
      • getBuildId

        public BuildId getBuildId()
      • getAnsi

        public Ansi getAnsi()
      • postEvent

        public void postEvent​(BuckEvent event)