Interface RuleKeyCache<V>

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    public interface RuleKeyCache<V>
    Interface for caches for rule keys.
    • Method Detail

      • get

        V get​(AddsToRuleKey appendable,
              java.util.function.Function<? super AddsToRuleKey,​RuleKeyResult<V>> create)
        the rule key value for the given appendable, either serving it form cache or by running the given function.
      • invalidateInputs

        void invalidateInputs​(Iterable<com.facebook.buck.rules.keys.RuleKeyInput> inputs)
        Invalidate the given inputs and all their transitive dependents.
      • invalidateAllExceptFilesystems

        void invalidateAllExceptFilesystems​(<ProjectFilesystem> filesystems)
        Invalidate all inputs *not* from the given ProjectFilesystems and their transitive dependents.
      • invalidateAll

        void invalidateAll()
        Invalidate everything in the cache.