Class AccumulateClassNamesStep

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    public class AccumulateClassNamesStep
    extends Object
    implements Step
    Step that takes a directory or zip of .class files and traverses it to get the total set of .class files included by the directory or zip.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AccumulateClassNamesStep

        public AccumulateClassNamesStep​(ProjectFilesystem filesystem,
                                        Optional<Path> pathToJarOrClassesDirectory,
                                        Path whereClassNamesShouldBeWritten)
        pathToJarOrClassesDirectory - Where to look for .class files. If absent, then an empty file will be written to whereClassNamesShouldBeWritten.
        whereClassNamesShouldBeWritten - Path to a file where an alphabetically sorted list of class files and corresponding SHA-1 hashes of their contents will be written.