Class BuckPaths

  • public abstract class BuckPaths
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • BuckPaths

        public BuckPaths()
    • Method Detail

      • createDefaultBuckPaths

        public static BuckPaths createDefaultBuckPaths​(CanonicalCellName cellName,
                                                       Path rootPath,
                                                       boolean buckOutIncludeTargetConfigHash)
      • getBuckOutIncludeTargetConfigHashFromRootCellConfig

        public static boolean getBuckOutIncludeTargetConfigHashFromRootCellConfig​(Config config)
        Is hashed buck-out enabled? Must be queried using root cell buckconfig.
      • getBuckOut

        public abstract Path getBuckOut()
        The relative path to the directory where Buck will generate its files.
      • checkBuckOut

        protected void checkBuckOut()
      • getConfiguredBuckOut

        public abstract Path getConfiguredBuckOut()
        The relative path to the directory where Buck will generate its files. This is used when configuring the output directory to some used-defined value and is a stop-gap until we can support configuring all output paths. However, for now, only certain paths below will use this path.
      • shouldIncludeTargetConfigHash

        public abstract boolean shouldIncludeTargetConfigHash()
        Whether to include the target configuration hash on buck-out.
      • getCurrentVersionFile

        public Path getCurrentVersionFile()
        The version the buck output directory was created for
      • getGenDir

        public Path getGenDir()
      • getResDir

        public Path getResDir()
      • getScratchDir

        public Path getScratchDir()
      • getAnnotationDir

        public Path getAnnotationDir()
      • getLogDir

        public Path getLogDir()
      • getJournalDir

        public Path getJournalDir()
      • getTraceDir

        public Path getTraceDir()
      • getCacheDir

        public Path getCacheDir()
      • getTmpDir

        public Path getTmpDir()
      • getXcodeDir

        public Path getXcodeDir()
      • getTrashDir

        public Path getTrashDir()
      • getOfflineLogDir

        public Path getOfflineLogDir()
      • getRemoteSandboxDir

        public Path getRemoteSandboxDir()
      • getLastOutputDir

        public Path getLastOutputDir()
      • getEmbeddedCellsBuckOutBaseDir

        public Path getEmbeddedCellsBuckOutBaseDir()
      • getProjectRootDir

        public Path getProjectRootDir()
      • getSymlinkPathForDir

        public Path getSymlinkPathForDir​(Path unconfiguredDirInBuckOut)
      • withConfiguredBuckOut

        public BuckPaths withConfiguredBuckOut​(Path configuredBuckOut)