Class MachoScrubContentSectionsStep

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    public class MachoScrubContentSectionsStep
    extends ShellStep
    Uses the strip tool to remove the contents (i.e., compiled code) from a dylib.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MachoScrubContentSectionsStep

        public MachoScrubContentSectionsStep​(<String> stripToolPrefix,
                                             ProjectFilesystem inputFilesystem,
                                             Path inputDylib,
                                             ProjectFilesystem outputFilesystem,
                                             Path outputDylib)
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      • getShellCommandInternal

        protected<String> getShellCommandInternal​(ExecutionContext context)
        Description copied from class: ShellStep
        Implementations of this method should not have any observable side-effects.
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        getShellCommandInternal in class ShellStep
      • getShortName

        public final String getShortName()
        a short name/description for the command, such as "javac". Should fit on one line.