Class ApkBuilderStep

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    public class ApkBuilderStep
    extends Object
    implements Step
    Merges resources into a final APK. This code is based off of the now deprecated apkbuilder tool:
    • Constructor Detail

      • ApkBuilderStep

        public ApkBuilderStep​(ProjectFilesystem filesystem,
                              Path resourceApk,
                              Path pathToOutputApkFile,
                              Path dexFile,
                    <Path> assetDirectories,
                    <Path> nativeLibraryDirectories,
                    <Path> zipFiles,
                    <Path> jarFilesThatMayContainResources,
                              Path pathToKeystore,
                              java.util.function.Supplier<KeystoreProperties> keystorePropertiesSupplier,
                              boolean debugMode,
                    <String> javaRuntimeLauncher,
                              AndroidSdkLocation androidSdkLocation)
        resourceApk - Path to the Apk which only contains resources, no dex files.
        pathToOutputApkFile - Path to output our APK to.
        dexFile - Path to the classes.dex file.
        assetDirectories - List of paths to assets to be included in the apk.
        nativeLibraryDirectories - List of paths to native directories.
        zipFiles - List of paths to zipfiles to be included into the apk.
        debugMode - Whether or not to run ApkBuilder with debug mode turned on.