Class AidlStep

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    public class AidlStep
    extends ShellStep
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      • getShellCommandInternal

        protected<String> getShellCommandInternal​(ExecutionContext context)
        Description copied from class: ShellStep
        Implementations of this method should not have any observable side-effects.
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        getShellCommandInternal in class ShellStep
      • shouldPrintStderr

        protected boolean shouldPrintStderr​(Verbosity verbosity)
        shouldPrintStderr in class ShellStep
        whether the stderr of the shell command, when executed, should be printed to the stderr of the specified ExecutionContext. If false, stderr will only be printed on error and only if verbosity is set to standard information.
      • getShortName

        public String getShortName()
        a short name/description for the command, such as "javac". Should fit on one line.