Interface WorkerProcessParams

  • public interface WorkerProcessParams
    • Method Detail

      • getTempDir

        Path getTempDir()
        Temp folder location. This will be used to store .args, .out and .err files. Additionally, this will be set into TMP environment variable which worker process tool can use to store other temporary files, or locate .args, .out and .err files and perform output into them.
      • getStartupCommand<String> getStartupCommand()
        Command that is used to start the worker job, e.g. "my_hashing_tool". It is expected that this tool will be able to act as a worker process (communicate using specific protocol, accept jobs, etc.)
      • getStartupEnvironment<String,​String> getStartupEnvironment()
        Environment that will be used to start the worker tool.
      • getMaxWorkers

        int getMaxWorkers()
        Maximum number of tools that pool can have.
      • isAsync

        boolean isAsync()
        Whether we use synchronous 1-command-at-a-time processes, or one process with a max number of tasks
      • getWorkerProcessIdentity

        Optional<WorkerProcessIdentity> getWorkerProcessIdentity()
        Identifies the instance of the persisted worker process pool. Defines when worker process pool should be invalidated.

        If this value is absent, then key will be automatically computed based on the startup command and startup arguments.