Class TestBuckConfig

    • Constructor Detail

      • TestBuckConfig

        public TestBuckConfig()
    • Method Detail

      • isParallelExternalTestSpecComputationEnabled

        public boolean isParallelExternalTestSpecComputationEnabled()
      • getDefaultTestTimeoutMillis

        public long getDefaultTestTimeoutMillis()
      • getDefaultRawExcludedLabelSelectors

        public<String> getDefaultRawExcludedLabelSelectors()
        Return Strings so as to avoid a dependency on LabelSelector!
      • getNumTestThreads

        public int getNumTestThreads()
        the number of threads Buck should use for testing. This will use the test.threads setting if it exists. Otherwise, this will use the build parallelization settings if not configured.
      • getExternalTestRunner

        public Optional<<String>> getExternalTestRunner()
      • getDefaultTestRuleTimeoutMs

        public Optional<Long> getDefaultTestRuleTimeoutMs()
        The timeout to apply to entire test rules.
      • isInclNoLocationClassesEnabled

        public boolean isInclNoLocationClassesEnabled()
      • getCoverageIncludes

        public Optional<<String>> getCoverageIncludes()
      • getCoverageExcludes

        public Optional<<String>> getCoverageExcludes()
      • isBuildingFilteredTestsEnabled

        public boolean isBuildingFilteredTestsEnabled()