Class SwiftBuckConfig

    • Constructor Detail

      • SwiftBuckConfig

        public SwiftBuckConfig​(BuckConfig delegate)
    • Method Detail

      • getCompileForceCache

        public boolean getCompileForceCache()
      • getUseFileList

        public boolean getUseFileList()
      • getUseModulewrap

        public boolean getUseModulewrap()
      • getProjectEmbedRuntime

        public boolean getProjectEmbedRuntime()
        If enabled, automatically emebds the Swift runtime if a relevant target depends on any libraries that use Swift.
      • getProjectWMO

        public boolean getProjectWMO()
        If enabled, turns on Whole Module Optimization for any targets that contain Swift.
      • getProjectAddASTPaths

        public boolean getProjectAddASTPaths()
        If enabled, AST paths to the .swiftmodules will be added as part of the linker invocation. This is necessary for lldb to be able to debug statically linked Swift libraries.
      • getCopyStdlibToFrameworks

        public boolean getCopyStdlibToFrameworks()
        If enabled, swift-stdlib-tool will be run on .framework bundles, copying the Swift standard library into them. This is usually not what you want - it will lead to multiple redundant copies of the libraries being embedded in both the app bundle and any descendant framework bundles. Even if Swift is only used in a framework, and not in the app binary, Buck and swift-stdlib-tool will handle that correctly and embed the libraries.
      • getUseLipoThin

        public boolean getUseLipoThin()
        Uses `lipo -thin` instead of `lipo -extract` when copying the Swift standard libraries.

        Regardless of the value of this config flag, the resulting libraries are then passed to `lipo -create`.

      • getEmitSwiftdocs

        public boolean getEmitSwiftdocs()
        If enabled, a .swiftdoc file will be generated along with the .swiftmodule file. This is necessary for Xcode to display the documentation for the libraries prebuilt with buck.