Class CliConfig

    • Constructor Detail

      • CliConfig

        public CliConfig()
    • Method Detail

      • createAnsi

        public Ansi createAnsi​(Optional<String> defaultColor)
        Create an Ansi object appropriate for the current output. First respect the user's preferences, if set. Next, respect any default provided by the caller. (This is used by buckd to tell the daemon about the client's terminal.) Finally, allow the Ansi class to autodetect whether the current output is a tty.
        defaultColor - Default value provided by the caller (e.g. the client of buckd)
      • getJsonAttributeFormat

        public JsonAttributeFormat getJsonAttributeFormat()
        When printing out json representation of targets, what formatting should be applied
      • getWarnOnConfigFileOverrides

        public boolean getWarnOnConfigFileOverrides()
      • getWarnOnConfigFileOverridesIgnoredFiles

        public<Path> getWarnOnConfigFileOverridesIgnoredFiles()
      • getFlushEventsBeforeExit

        public boolean getFlushEventsBeforeExit()
      • getMessageOfTheDay

        public<String> getMessageOfTheDay()
      • getRelativizeTargetsToWorkingDirectory

        public boolean getRelativizeTargetsToWorkingDirectory()
        whether relative targets given on the command line should be relativized to the user's working dir
      • getEnableShowOutputWarning

        public boolean getEnableShowOutputWarning()
      • getEnableFailingCommandTruncation

        public boolean getEnableFailingCommandTruncation()
        whether truncation of failing executed command is enabled. Defaults to true.