Interface RemoteExecutionHelper

    • Method Detail

      • supportsRemoteExecution

        boolean supportsRemoteExecution​(ModernBuildRule<?> instance)
        Returns whether remote execution is supported by this rule.
      • prepareRemoteExecution

        RemoteExecutionActionInfo prepareRemoteExecution​(ModernBuildRule<?> rule,
                                                         java.util.function.BiPredicate<Protocol.Digest,​String> requiredDataPredicate,
                                                         com.facebook.buck.remoteexecution.proto.WorkerRequirements workerRequirements)
                                                  throws IOException
        Gets all the information needed to run the rule via Remote Execution (inputs merkle tree, action and digest, outputs).
      • getCellPathPrefix

        Path getCellPathPrefix()
        The cell path prefix is the path that all remote execution related paths will be relative to.