Class RuleKeyDiagnostics<RULE_KEY,​DIAG_KEY>

  • @ThreadSafe
    public class RuleKeyDiagnostics<RULE_KEY,​DIAG_KEY>
    extends Object
    Contains functionality related to rulekey diagnostics.
    • Method Detail

      • nop

        public static <RULE_KEY,​DIAG_KEY> RuleKeyDiagnostics<RULE_KEY,​DIAG_KEY> nop()
      • processRule

        public void processRule​(BuildRule rule,
                                java.util.function.Consumer<RuleKeyDiagnostics.Result<RULE_KEY,​DIAG_KEY>> resultConsumer)
        Computes the diagnostic rulekey data for the given rule and all of its appendables recursively. Previously processed rules and appendables are skipped and not fed to the consumer. Results for the newly processed rule and appendables are fed to the consumer, but not stored otherwise. Only information of whether something has been processed or not gets stored.