Class RustBuckConfig

  • public class RustBuckConfig
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • RustBuckConfig

        public RustBuckConfig​(BuckConfig delegate)
    • Method Detail

      • getRustcLibraryFlags

        public<String> getRustcLibraryFlags​(String platform)
        Get rustc flags for rust_library() rules.
        List of rustc_library_flags, as well as common rustc_flags.
      • getRustcBinaryFlags

        public<String> getRustcBinaryFlags​(String platform)
        Get rustc flags for rust_binary() rules.
        List of rustc_binary_flags, as well as common rustc_flags.
      • getRustcTestFlags

        public<String> getRustcTestFlags​(String platform)
        Get rustc flags for rust_test() rules.
        List of rustc_test_flags, as well as common rustc_flags.
      • getRustcCheckFlags

        public<String> getRustcCheckFlags​(String platform)
        Get rustc flags for #check flavored builds. Caller must also include rule-dependent flags and common flags.
        List of rustc_check_flags.
      • getLinkerFlags

        public<String> getLinkerFlags​(String platform)
      • getAppleXcrunPath

        public Optional<Path> getAppleXcrunPath()
      • getAppleDeveloperDirIfSet

        public Optional<Path> getAppleDeveloperDirIfSet()