Class Linkers

  • public class Linkers
    extends Object
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      • iXlinker

        public static Iterable<String> iXlinker​(Iterable<String> args)
        Prefixes each of the given linker arguments with "-Xlinker" so that the compiler linker driver will pass these arguments directly down to the linker rather than interpreting them itself.

        e.g. ["-rpath", "hello/world"] -> ["-Xlinker", "-rpath", "-Xlinker", "hello/world"]

        Arguments that do not contain commas can instead be passed using the shorter "-Wl,ARGUMENT" form.

        e.g., ["-rpath", "hello/world"] -> ["-Wl,-rpath", "-Wl,hello/world" ]

        args - arguments for the linker.
        arguments to be passed to the compiler linker driver.