Interface Archiver

    • Method Detail

      • getScrubbers<FileScrubber> getScrubbers()
      • supportsThinArchives

        boolean supportsThinArchives()
      • getArchiveOptions<String> getArchiveOptions​(boolean isThinArchive)
      • outputArgs<String> outputArgs​(String outputPath)
      • isRanLibStepRequired

        boolean isRanLibStepRequired()
      • isArgfileRequired

        boolean isArgfileRequired()
        Whether an argfile is required for a long command line (false means that it is possible to split a long command line into chunks). Eg, ar on *nix allows to add new files to an already created archive, but doesn't accept argfiles. On the contrary, VS lib.exe on windows always overrides the previous archive, but supports argfiles.
        whether @argfile is required for a long command line