Interface SkylarkArtifactApi

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    All Known Subinterfaces:
    Artifact, BoundArtifact, BuildArtifact, SourceArtifact
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    public interface SkylarkArtifactApi
    Helper struct fields that should be available to users of Artifact inside of user defined rules

    Note, that unlike, we do not presently expose root, dirname, or path to give a fully constructed path from the repository root. Should this be necessary in the future, we may expose those things.

    • Method Detail

      • getBasename

        String getBasename()
      • getExtension

        String getExtension()
      • isSource

        boolean isSource()
      • getShortPath

        String getShortPath()
      • asSkylarkOutputArtifact

        SkylarkOutputArtifactApi asSkylarkOutputArtifact​( location)
      • isImmutable

        default boolean isImmutable()
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        isImmutable in interface