Class OutputLabel

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AddsToRuleKey, Comparable<OutputLabel>

    public class OutputLabel
    extends Object
    implements Comparable<OutputLabel>, AddsToRuleKey
    Type-safe wrapper for a target output label.

    A build target can return different outputs groups, with each output group potentially containing zero or more outputs. A target output label is used to refer to a particular output group in a target.

    With providers, the output label maps to named output groups in DefaultInfo. With the old action graph, each rule should maintain an internal mapping of output labels to output groups.

    A DEFAULT output label is provided when the user has not specified a named output label in a build target. For example, "//foo:bar" would be associated with the default output label, whereas "//foo:bar[baz] would be associated with the named label "baz".