Interface PathWrapper

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    AbsPath, RelPath
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    public interface PathWrapper
    Path wrapper object, either absolute or relative.

    Note this object is implemented directly for BuckUnixPath.

    • Method Detail

      • getPath

        Path getPath()
      • equals

        default boolean equals​(Path that)
        This overload should not be used.

        This code is incorrect: AbsPath p1 = ... Path p2 = ... p1.equals(p2); because AbsPath and Path are different "types" and should not be equal according to Object.equals(Object) contract.

        This overload helps to catch this error.

      • endsWith

        default boolean endsWith​(String other)
      • endsWith

        default boolean endsWith​(Path path)
      • getFileSystem

        default FileSystem getFileSystem()
      • startsWith

        default boolean startsWith​(Path other)