Class CachingBuildEngineBuckConfig

    • Constructor Detail

      • CachingBuildEngineBuckConfig

        public CachingBuildEngineBuckConfig()
    • Method Detail

      • getBuildEngineMode

        public BuildType getBuildEngineMode()
        the mode with which to run the build engine.
      • getBuildDepFiles

        public DepFiles getBuildDepFiles()
        the mode with which to run the build engine.
      • getConsoleLogBuildRuleFailuresInline

        public boolean getConsoleLogBuildRuleFailuresInline()
        whether to log to console build rule failures as they happen, including rule name and error text. If false, then depending on keepGoing/verbosity settings, failures may not appear in the console at all, may only appear at the end of the build, or may be missing important details (e.g. name of rule is logged, but no error message, or vice-versa).
      • getBuildMaxDepFileCacheEntries

        public long getBuildMaxDepFileCacheEntries()
        the maximum number of entries to support in the depfile cache.
      • getBuildArtifactCacheSizeLimit

        public Optional<Long> getBuildArtifactCacheSizeLimit()
        the maximum size an artifact can be for the build engine to cache it.