Class ArtifactCacheBuckConfig

    • Constructor Detail

      • ArtifactCacheBuckConfig

        public ArtifactCacheBuckConfig​(BuckConfig buckConfig)
    • Method Detail

      • getMultiCheckEnabled

        public boolean getMultiCheckEnabled()
      • getHttpFetchConcurrency

        public int getHttpFetchConcurrency()
      • getMultiFetchLimit

        public int getMultiFetchLimit()
      • getRepository

        public String getRepository()
      • getScheduleType

        public String getScheduleType()
      • getHybridThriftEndpoint

        public Optional<String> getHybridThriftEndpoint()
      • getEnableWriteToCas

        public Boolean getEnableWriteToCas()
      • getCasPort

        public int getCasPort()
      • getCasDeadline

        public int getCasDeadline()
      • getHttpMaxConcurrentWrites

        public int getHttpMaxConcurrentWrites()
      • getHttpWriterShutdownTimeout

        public int getHttpWriterShutdownTimeout()
      • getMaxFetchRetries

        public int getMaxFetchRetries()
      • getMaxStoreAttempts

        public int getMaxStoreAttempts()
      • getErrorMessageLimit

        public int getErrorMessageLimit()
      • getStoreRetryIntervalMillis

        public long getStoreRetryIntervalMillis()
      • hasAtLeastOneWriteableRemoteCache

        public boolean hasAtLeastOneWriteableRemoteCache()
      • getHostToReportToRemoteCacheServer

        public String getHostToReportToRemoteCacheServer()
      • getArtifactCacheModesRaw

        public<String> getArtifactCacheModesRaw()
      • getArtifactCacheModes

        public<ArtifactCacheMode> getArtifactCacheModes()
      • getThreadPoolSize

        public long getThreadPoolSize()
      • getThreadPoolKeepAliveDurationMillis

        public long getThreadPoolKeepAliveDurationMillis()
      • getTwoLevelCachingEnabled

        public boolean getTwoLevelCachingEnabled()
      • getTwoLevelCachingMinimumSize

        public long getTwoLevelCachingMinimumSize()
      • getTwoLevelCachingMaximumSize

        public Optional<Long> getTwoLevelCachingMaximumSize()
      • getClientTlsCertRequired

        public boolean getClientTlsCertRequired()
        If true, fail if client TLS certificate or key paths are unspecified, don't exist, are not the right format or have expired
      • getClientTlsForSlb

        public boolean getClientTlsForSlb()
        If true, use TLS client authentication certificate, private key and extra trusted certificates also for CLIENT_SLB mode alive pings.
      • getClientTlsCertificate

        public Optional<Path> getClientTlsCertificate()
        Gets the path to a PEM encoded X509 certificate to use as the TLS client certificate for HTTP cache requests from the content of the env var specified in http_client_tls_cert_env_var if set or the field value

        Both the key and certificate must be set for client TLS certificates to be used

      • getClientTlsKey

        public Optional<Path> getClientTlsKey()
        Gets the path to a PEM encoded PCKS#8 key to use as the TLS client key for HTTP cache requests from the content of the env var specified in http_client_tls_key_env_var if set or the field value. This may be a file that contains both the private key and the certificate if both objects are newline delimited.

        Both the key and certificate must be set for client TLS certificates to be used

      • getClientTlsTrustedCertificates

        public Optional<Path> getClientTlsTrustedCertificates()
        Gets the path to a file containing PEM encoded X509 certificates to use as an additional list of trusted certificates from the content of the env var specified in http_client_tls_ca_env_var if set or the field value.

        Both the key and certificate must be set for client TLS certificates to be used

      • getDirCacheStoreExecutor

        public ArtifactCacheBuckConfig.Executor getDirCacheStoreExecutor()
        The thread pool dir cache store operations should be executed on.
      • getBlacklistedWifiSsids

        public<String> getBlacklistedWifiSsids()
      • getStringOrEnvironmentVariable

        public static Optional<String> getStringOrEnvironmentVariable​(BuckConfig buckConfig,
                                                                      String section,
                                                                      String field)
        field value or content of environment variable specified in field "${section}.${field}_env_var" if this environment variable exists and does not just contain 0 or more whitespaces
      • getEnvVarFieldNameForField

        public static String getEnvVarFieldNameForField​(String field)
        field -
        append the "_env_var" to the {field}