Class PBXProject

  • public final class PBXProject
    extends PBXContainer
    The root object representing the project itself.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
      • setName

        public void setName​(String v)
      • getMainGroup

        public PBXGroup getMainGroup()
      • getCompatibilityVersion

        public String getCompatibilityVersion()
      • isa

        public String isa()
        isa in class PBXContainer
        Type name of the serialized object.
      • stableHash

        public int stableHash()
        Description copied from class: PBXObject
        This method is used to generate stable GIDs and must be stable for identical contents. Returning a constant value is ok but will make the generated project order-dependent.
        stableHash in class PBXObject