Class PBXBuildFile

  • public class PBXBuildFile
    extends PBXProjectItem
    File referenced by a build phase, unique to each build phase.

    Contains a dictionary settings which holds additional information to be interpreted by the particular phase referencing this object, e.g.:

    - PBXHeadersBuildPhase may read {"ATTRIBUTES": ["Public"]} and interpret the build file as a public (exported) header. - PBXSourcesBuildPhase may read {"COMPILER_FLAGS": "-foo"} and interpret that this file should be compiled with the additional flag "-foo" .

    • Constructor Detail

      • PBXBuildFile

        public PBXBuildFile​(PBXReference fileRef)
    • Method Detail

      • getSettings

        public Optional<com.dd.plist.NSDictionary> getSettings()
      • setSettings

        public void setSettings​(Optional<com.dd.plist.NSDictionary> v)
      • stableHash

        public int stableHash()
        Description copied from class: PBXObject
        This method is used to generate stable GIDs and must be stable for identical contents. Returning a constant value is ok but will make the generated project order-dependent.
        stableHash in class PBXObject